Why We Started ORB Solutions – The Search For A Roofing Marketing Partner

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It was a Struggle to Find the Best Roofing Marketing Partner.

Back in 2015, my father had started his roofing business 2 years prior. Commercial Roofing was his bread and butter and strong relationships and referrals had helped carry the business from it’s infancy to a decently sized outfit doing around $750,000 a year. However, as business with our best clients dried up, we noticed the need to find a strong source of consistent leads to drive more business to support the growth we had taken on during that time. We were just coming off of a slow winter season and looking for the right place to park our dollars to bring in the most roofing leads.

We were struggling to find a marketing partner who could drive in consistent and quality roofing leads. We landed on a small local marketing firm whose reviews were pretty solid and had been referred by a friend. They seemed to know what they were doing and after speaking with the owner and sales rep, signed a monthly retainer contract for them to manage our SEO website with the goal of driving in commercial roofs. Visually, they ended up creating a very basic and hollow website and we saw next to no traffic. We tried to make changes after the initial edits but they billed in 15 min blocks at a rate of $85 an hour. Most importantly, we were out $5000 and the phone didn’t ring. After seeing no traffic for months, it took a lot to walk away from our initial digital investment because we were repeatedly told that:

  • SEO takes time, you need to be patient
  • We could expedite our path to results by investing more money
  • We were fed analytics to show how we moved from keyword ranks in the 60s from down to the 50s and encouraged this would work.

We gave it another few months but as the season came to a close, We ended up getting Zero marketing leads and ended up investing a lot of time and effort bootstrapping sales from good old fashioned door-knocking

In our quest to find a better roofing marketing solution, we were then approached by Homeadvisor (Now Angi) offering to sign us up for their platform and provide leads. The company charges contractors money for leads to potential customers considering projects. We ended up paying $1000’s of dollars for replacement leads that were mostly price shopping, never materialized, or just never answered our calls back. We even allocated a dedicated office member to call the leads back within 5-10 minutes of them coming in. No dice, through the 6-8 months we worked with Homeadvisor, we landed only 1 small residential repair that barely covered the cost of our annual roofing marketing subscription fee, let alone the cost for the countless leads we had paid for.

We tried 2-3 more marketing partners (And full website redevelops that we paid for) before I finally learned web development and recreated our website from scratch, It never really garnered roofing leads or traffic and all their solutions were lack luster. The big guys always overpromised and underdelivered. Every time I called my account manager, the VOIP number forwarded to a different account manager (Usually a fresh college grad with limited SEO knowledge and little actual marketing experience).

Through my journey I learned to develop websites and the keys to SEO, as well as the importance of optimizing your funnel from start to finish. There is a game within the game. I discovered tools to check the results my “partners” were claiming. I created my own paid ad copy and designs because our roofing marketing ads that were provided weren’t working. Eventually we took over the entire effort ourselves and began to see results. After years of refining and learning, I founded ORB because I want to prevent contractors, tradesmen, and small business owners from falling into the same trap. I wanted to start a company that realizes the journey doesn’t end after the lead lands on the page or picks up the phone and calls. The outcome is what matters. Our approach in creating strategies focuses on simple principles:

  • Help our customers create happy customers that will inspire more potential customers.
  • Integrate technology to drive quick, transparent, and repeatable outcomes.
  • Focus on scalability from the start
  • Think from the customers point of view

I feel inspired and blessed by the opportunity to help our customers. If your struggling to grow your business , head over here to book a free consultation.

There is no cost nor any obligation to work with us. Not every partner is a great fit for our services. But at the very least, maybe we can point you in the right direction to get you to a better result faster than we did.


Austin Lee

Founder of ORB Solutions

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