About Us – The ORB Story

"We Build Solutions For Contractors Because We Are Contractors. Let's Cut The Smoke and Mirrors Act And Work On The Things That Actually Matter

The ORB Mission

In 2018, I started ORB Solutions, along with my father Chris, to flip the script on this industry. To provide the solutions to contractors technology troubles in an honest and forthcoming way and to provide technologies for each business’s specific needs. We want to instill the hard-learned lessons that we earned through our failures. To ensure contractors and business owners truly had a partner in the marketing and technology arena that they could trust and turn to.

– Austin Lee, Founder of ORB Solutions

"We Build Solutions For Contractors Because We Are Contractors"

My Dad has been in the Roofing Industry for over 15 Years. Around 10 years ago when he started to hit his stride and wanted to grow further, he decided to reinvest in his business and hired a marketing agency to build a website for him and perform SEO. They charged him over $10,000 to build it. They signed him up for a 6 month contract. They billed over $1000 a month for directory services and listings management. He got ZERO leads from it. We chalked it up to a bad experience. We selected a large and established media company to help us. They had to rebuild the website from scratch, they made the same promises. Again, ZERO RESULTS. This process continued to repeat for years while getting hundreds of solicitations from so called experts who all offered the same features, made the same claims. WHO COULD WE TRUST?

So we decided that if we wanted something done right, you have to do it yourself. I poured thousands of hours into videos and self education. I consumed all the content and free resources that I could. We launched and failed on our first 3 iterations of his website, but through each failure we learned and got better. Finally after years of hard work, we arrived at a working, state of the art solution, from web design to conversion tracking and follow up, we mastered our craft. We curated the best tools and learned a lot along the way.

But when we started to talk to other contractors in the industry, to evaluate their digital presences, to look at the products and solutions that were being offered, we realized our experience wasn't unique. The marketplace was brimming with experts who consistently overpromised and underdelivered, but were happy to collect their check monthly until their clients raised a red flag. Most contractors didn't even realize that THEY WERE GETTING RIPPED OFF.


Not every business is the right fit for our services. Many businesses have been able to find success without the help of Digital Marketing and Technology. If it's not broke, don't fix it right? The devil I know is better than the devil I don't right?

But, the landscape is changing though. New players are constantly entering the market. ORB Solutions helps business owners who are serious about growing. 

  • Are you Looking For Something New?
  • Do You Want to Be the Best in Your Market?
  • Are You Willing To Change for the Better?

If this is you, stop searching. We are here to help. Click the button below and forget the rest.

Our Team

Austin Lee, MBA -
Founder Jr.

Austin "The Generational Translator" Lee is what we like to call a "digital activist". He knows "what-is-up" with marketing and technology and has an innate passion for helping home services thrive with tech. If there is a way to make something better with technology, he will find it.

Chris Headshot

Chris Lee -

In order to be the best, YOU GOT TO BE THE BEST. This Sales Guru is who you aspire to be in life. World's Best Dad, Word-Smither, and the Ultimate Mentor... *drum roll*... Chris Lee! With over 25 years as a seasoned sales professional, Chris is who we all aspire to be.

Evan Headshot

Evan Alexander - Creative Lead

Evan Alexander just spews style. He really knows how to make other people look good... REALLY GOOD. With a lifetime of experience in the Arts, Evan has the skills to make your business stand out amongst the crowd.