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Why Cant Your Business Grow?

While some business owners prefer a lifestyle company, the ultimate goal of most contractors is growth. Acquiring more jobs, completing more jobs, and making more money. From time to time though, contractors come up with certain issues that make it very difficult to continue their growth trajectory. The skilled team at ORB can help you navigate these murky waters

Technology Can Be Tough

If your like most contractors, your skill with your hands vastly exceeds your skill with the keyboard. Most of us would rather be out in the field working than stuck behind a screen. Nonetheless, software and tools are becoming a more and more essential part of contractor’s workflow. Data has real value. Clients expect transparency. Whether your struggling to select the best tools, trying to set up that new CRM, or rolling out Google Workspace to your team, let our team help you through the boring computer related setup and get you back to doing what you do best.

Having Trouble Hiring?

According to an analysis released by Associated Builders and Contractors, the trades need more than half a million workers above its current pace of hiring in order to meet demand in 2022. Finding the right people with the skills that you need can be tough. It can take a lot of time and money to find the right person, and even then, there is no guarantee that they will stay.

As past contractors, we have felt this pain and have developed systems and techniques to overcome the labor shortage. If you are looking for help in hiring for your business, look no further than ORB Solutions!

To Sum It Up

Businesses eventually plateau, it’s inevitable. But your business can go further with the team at ORB Solutions. If your stuck in your growth and not sure how to handle:

  • Marketing Conversions
  • Achieving Scale
  • CRM Integration and Setup
  • Hiring Assistance and Recruitment
  • IT Setup and Support
Schedule a free professional consultation today and see how ORB Solutions can get your business back on the path to growth!
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Jim Collins - IRT

Orb Solutions has had a huge impact on our business with the new website development and marketing we are reaching more customers and getting more leads in the last 4 months then we had with previous companies we used over the last 18 months.

Nick Tayler

Amazing experience! ORB helped transform our online presence and marketing while offering great customer service and support. I highly recommend ORB for any of your marketing needs!

Patrick May

Extremely professional, and thorough. ORB streamlined many aspects of our business, and increased our online presence by adding things we never considered. They not only helped us increase quality leads, but also developed an easy and more effective follow up process for our team. These guy's are the real deal, and the proof has been in the numbers. Thank you ORB Solutions!