What is ORB?

For years, roof replacement and repair have been an unforeseen and burdening cost on facility managers. The roof of a facility is paramount in protecting the assets that lie beneath. In fact, the roof as a standalone entity is often times one of most valuable assets in and of itself.

The common materials that are specified for today's modern roofing systems were devised to last for decades unattended when a roofing system is properly installed. However, a number of common problems often cause these roofing systems to fail prematurely, often times voiding the material warranty and causing huge expenses and headaches for facility managers, building owners, and insurance companies.

Orb has created a modern facility maintenance program designed to help owners ensure that their roof systems are properly maintained and last the full length of their expected life.

XAP Certified Contractor

Custom Tailored Solutions

Roofing systems are uniquely different and each requires a certain amount of care and expertise to be maintained. Often times, even sections of the same roof can vary in composition, age, wear, and pitch. The experts here at ORB leverage years of expertise in roofing and construction to help create a custom tailored maintenance program specific to each roof and section.

Controlled Cost

ORB provides you with a fixed annual cost for preventative maintenance to your roof system. Properly maintaining your roof system will prevent unwanted leaks and keep your roofing system in prime condition, thus preventing unforeseen leak calls, roof replacements, and other unforeseen costs.
When it does come time to replace or repair a portion of your roofing system, ORB will serve as your strategic partner through the entire process ensuring that your system will be 100% properly installed by select industry professionals and all warranties are in place to protect your investment in your facility.

100% Transparency

As a facility manager a lot of times your roof is out of sight and out of mind. ORB provides all of the essential  information, history, and analytics  about your roofing system through our online customer portal in a clear and transparent way. Our roofing software solution allows facility managers to track the condition and repairs being done to their roof at any time without ever setting foot on a roof. This empowers the key stakeholders to understand exactly where their money is being spent as well as giving them the information they need to prepare for future repairs and replacement

ORB has radically changed the way our company does business. The ability for our clients to stay in the loop and request on the spot repairs, locate their warranties, and access our recommendations in one clear and concise place has saved countless hours for our business. – IRT Commercial Services

IRT Commercial Services

Inspection and Reporting

Annual or Semi-Annual On Site Inspection

Online Reporting Portal

Detailed Roof Schematics

Cleaning and Repair

Removal of Roof Debris

Drain Cleaning

Minor Repairs to Worn Sections

2 Free Annual Emergency Leak Calls

Composition Analysis

Infarred Scan of All Roof Sections

Composition Sampling of All Roof Sections

Other Benefits

Consulatation for New Project Scope

Impact Consultation for Roofing Repair and Replacement

Reduced Rate for all Project Management & Consulatation Services

Reduced Rate for non-minor repair and replacement

About Us

ORB is a future minded startup focused on providing roofing maintenance, repairs, and consultation. We believe in leveraging the union of cutting edge technologies and old fashioned roofing know how to help our clients maintain their roof systems and maximize their cost savings and return on investment. We work with contractors and facility managers to provide roofing maintenance programs to maximize cost savings through custom tailored facility maintenance programs. Our mission is to take the stress and headaches out of every aspect of managing the envelope of a building and return time, money, and peace of mind to our clients.

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