4 Basic Marketing Tips for Contractors

4 Basic Marketing Tips for Contractors

4 Basic Marketing Tips for Contractors

Marketing strategies, creative content, web development, and staying up-to-date on trends are all crucial elements to have a strong online presence as a contractor, more than ever before. As a new or established contractor, attracting new customers with digital marketing can seem overwhelming with no clear starting point. Below, you can explore 4 basic marketing tips for contractors to help increase more traffic and establish your business as a local leader.

1. SEO

Here we go… What is SEO? (Search Engine Optimization) Well, it’s the process of improving your site to increase its visibility when people search for services related to your business on Google and other search engines. This marketing tactic introduces your contracting business as an actual relevant online presence. There are two types of SEO:

Organic SEO: Based around “keywords/keyphrases” within your website’s content. With correct and strong keywords/keyphrases, you optimize your website’s content to use specific words and phrases that people actually search in search engines. Overall, that is what tells search engines that your content matches what the user searched for. Such as:

  • “HVAC repair near me”
  • “best contractor repair company”
  • “How to stop a roof leak”

Local SEO: Based off of organic, Local SEO is geographically focused. Local SEO factors optimize your business to rank higher in local searches based around your physical address. Therefore, local SEO can result in more relevant traffic to your website, more positive customer reviews, and overall position yourself as leader in your community.

Take a few minutes to start your SEO keyword/keyphrase research with this free online tool.

2. Content Creation

Website: Utilize your new keyword/keyphrase list within your website’s pages, titles, metadata descriptions, blogs, images and videos of your services. This engages potential customer’s interest and funnels their traffic effectively. Potential customers will always begin their journey using search engines to discover answers to their questions. For example, if a prospect is researching gutter cleaning tools, their search could lead them to your gutter cleaning company’s website if you provide useful learning resources on the subject.

Social Media: Consider branching out to multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. More than ever, people use social media to find organizations, services, and products. Pumping out personal posts over time will build your brand and naturally help you rank higher in search results.

Practicing SEO efficiently will get your website in front of new people, increasing your chances of converting warm leads into paying customers. Furthermore, being constantly engaged on social media is a bonus to increase web traffic back to your recognizable company.

3. Website Refresh

How’s your website looking these days? Creating a modern and smooth visiting experience will make potential customers more inclined to trust you and do business with you, especially if you are easy to find and have the information they need. Additionally, Google will crawl your website more effectively and rank you higher when your website has clear intent and structure. You run the risk of losing important leads if your site works poorly and looks inconsistent throughout smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

  • Easy and clean user navigation
  • Clear service offerings
  • Calls to action (next steps)
  • Always visible “Contact Us” button

4. Focus on Doing Good Work that Yields Good Reviews

Why? Because many of your prospective customers will find your business online using Google, and one of the most important ranking factors Google and other aggregators use is the quantity and quality of customer reviews. Make sure to set up your Google My Business page to help and inform customers of places your business is listed online. Reviews are essential because they:

  • Increase your search rankings
  • Help with conversions
  • Provide social proof to show customers why you’re the best
  • Show Google you are active and an authority in your local geography

5. Ready, Set, Action!

We have all been there! Digital marketing, especially SEO, can be overwhelming, if you are looking for extra help in getting started in digital marketing or are struggling to find time in the day, sign up for our newsletter for more marketing tips for contractors! We provide actionable insights for business owners to improve their online presence in small, easy to understand steps. The best part? Its completely free! Just drop your email below to sign up!

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