Many Hands Make Light Work

In order to create the best possible experience from our contracting customers, we have scoured the market and screened hundreds of other contractor software providers to find the best tools, integrate them into our contractor business blueprint, and implement them with our existing software, website, and systems.   

Centerpoint Connect

Centerpoint Connect

Centerpoint Connect was born out of a desire to build something unlike anything on the market. Our software is robust, flexible, scalable, yet easy to use. While not all contractors are the same, much of the same functions are performed, such as inspections, checking in and out on service calls, or custom reporting.

Our platform is a proven system developed from best practices and designed to drive industry success yet flexible enough to be utilized for roofing contractors. Centerpoint is fully customizable. It can systematize your sales and production processes and further help you streamline your business.

Project Map It

Map It

You take pride in the work you do—it deserves recognition. The more photos you show of a previous project, the more likely a customer is to book with you. When you work with a partner like ORB that helps you get the necessary detailed shots, drone footage, and everything in between to give customers that extra boost of confidence, you need a great solution to show them off.

 Upload unlimited project photos to your portfolio and share detailed descriptions of your work. Embed the map on your website, share your projects on social media, or share your portfolio during sales consultations. Give prospective customers everything they need to take the next step, with you.

Drone Base


Help your customers better visualize and understand the condition of their assets by leveraging high-resolution aerial imagery and advanced analytics. Imagine Uber for drones, no qualification or expertise required. The Dronebase team of subject matter experts and pilot network, coupled with actionable insights through the property platform, provides an end-to-end property inspection solution that is fast, safe, and reliable.

WP Engine


Managed WordPress hosting integrated with best-in-class technology for WordPress. ORB Solutions partners with WPEngine to ensure our clients digital brands are hosted on the fastest and most secure hosting services available in the market today.

WP Engine